Sold into Prostitution

Sold into Prostitution

What would you do if someone you cared about was kidnapped and sold into forced marriage or prostitution? This is the true story of Ben Randall of ‘The Human, Earth Project’ and his fight for justice in the dark and dangerous world of human trafficking.

A few years ago, globetrotter Ben Randall spent a great deal of time in SE Asia, photographing and befriending countless locals. Here are just some of the portraits that you can have in your own home with just a small contribution to the cause.

Meet “M”

While teaching English in northern Vietnam, Ben got to know a 15-year old girl, who we shall call “M”.

After Ben had long left the region, he discovered that M had been taken against her will, kidnapped, and sold across the border into China as a bride or even worse, possibly into the sex trade.

Human Trafficking. Human Slavery. We are apt to feel in our free world that this is history, but sadly it is not. Today alone, more than 20 million victims around the world, primarily women and children, are subject to this brutality.

Ben wanted to do something for his friend M, but what could he do? He was just one person on the other side of the world. He could have just ignored the whole issue and got on with his life, but that would be the cowardly way out.

Ultimately Ben determined that the only course of action was to do something to help find M. Ben created ‘The Human, Earth Project’ to film a feature-length documentary of his search for M and bring awareness to the tragedy of human trafficking affecting millions in 161 countries all over the world.

How You Can Help
Please take a few of minutes now to watch the video and to learn more about the project.

Take a moment to visit crowdfunding page to make a contribution. There are some great rewards including exclusive prints and a chance to have your name in the movie credits.

You can also share the campaign on your favorite social media sites by clicking the buttons below.

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Together we can all help Ben shed light on human trafficking atrocities and help get M home to her loved ones. Even if this protects just a single young boy or girl from falling victim, it will have been worth all the hard work of the countless volunteers and others like you who have contributed along the way.

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  1. Thanks for the support Matt! Safe travels.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Matt. I met Ben in SE Asia a few months ago and have been really inspired by his story and dedication to raising awareness of the horrible reality of human trafficking globally.

    Hopefully his story & your support will encourage others to support Ben!

    • Thanks Barry. I was supposed to meet Ben at Burning Man but it fell through. Human trafficking is one of those things that really gets my blood pumping. It amazes me that anyone would participate in such a thing and I hope this helps to put an end to it..

  3. Not only human trafficking has to stop, there need to be change in mentality of people. Cos unfortunately people who sell other people know them, have some kind of relation with them. For most of us human trafficking is an abstract, very bad but still abstract thing happening somewhere there far away. That is why we need to help people to understand by this kind of documentaries and actions. If this movie will change them mind of just one person it will be a huge success but I’m sure it will reach much more souls and hearts!

    • Absolutely. I was surprised by the recent human trafficking ring happening during the Superbowl. I can’t understand the cruelty of people who do this sort of thing…

  4. It’s horrific that so many people are being trafficked under our noses. Ben’s story helps us to realise how real a possibility it is for so many people. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for sharing this important story – we need to increase awareness of this issue!

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